4×4 Green Adventure Tours

If you have a 4×4 and want to take it off road, either along?some green lanes or through leafy forests which are normally not accessible to 4×4’s and?be?part of a safe and organised tour, this really is for you. All the routes have been thoroughly tested and you also have the assurance of a lead guide vehicle and another behind (ideal to close all the gates – so you don?t have to!).

Many green lanes are actually ancient routes that have existed for millennia, such as old drovers roads, ridgeways and ancient tracks. Some?are officially designated as byways open to all traffic ? powered vehicles as well as horses and pedestrians. They are usually unsurfaced and in a natural state hence they have the name green lane. The Forest Tours are by kind permission of the Forestry Commission and are not generally available to the general public. We travel into the heart of the forest where, on a good day, you may have to stop whilst deer cross in front of you or watch the?very rare pine marten climb a tree!

The Green Adventure Tours allow you to experience some of the very best green lanes or forests available in Shropshire, Herefordshire?and the Welsh borders, great views and a great day out with all the catering stops and refreshment breaks built in!. For those who want to make a short break of it, overnight accommodation in some of the finest independent hotels can also be included.

Green Adventure Tours limit the tour numbers to a maximum of 5 vehicles so they can give you all the personal support and guidance you may need. All of the?chosen routes are ideal for use by everyday 4x4s ?- so it is definitely not hard core off-roading and your vehicle will not need any special modification ? that way you can use it the next day for the school run if you wish to, although you may want to hose it down first! That said, you?will?know that your 4×4 has been put through it’s paces and you will have the photgraphs to prove it!